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808 Craft and Gift Fairs Hawaii

Aloha Stadium Crafters' Corner March 19, June 18th, Sept. 17th & Dec. 17th

Booth Size
17x17 Tent Rental
half of a 17x17 space (no parking) tent included

2nd and 4th Sundays have been cancelled

2nd and 4th Sundays in 2023  (set up from 7:30 am).

Once you pay for your space, you agree to the following:

*ALL necessary licenses and permits required for the operation of any vendor’s display must be secured by vendor.

Vendor agrees to fulfill all state and federal requirements, if any, in connection that sales will be made.

No hot food sellers.  Ready to eat snacks (poi mochi, cookies must be packaged 12+ pieces) *Vendors will assume full liability and responsibility regarding warranty and guarantee of products being sold. *We are NOT responsible for any vendor’s losses, resulting from damage, theft or shoplifting.

*SET-UP: Set up from 7-8 am *Vendors MUST provide their own tent, table, chairs, table clothes and any other equipment used by vendor unless ordered ahead of time. Vendor MUST stay within their 10X10 ft or 17x17 space. 17x17 space vendors allowed to  park one vehicle under the tent.

Vendors are responsible for their own taxes including GET, income and any other taxes, licenses, permits, insurance and product liability.  

All sales final, no refunds on booth fee purchases.  If you want to change dates, all changes must be made before the 1st of the month and vendor will incur a $25 change fee.

Spaces are assigned when you arrive and not preassigned because parallel parking between tents are very difficult and for safety reasons.

If you would like to secure your space monthly, you may send checks dated for the 1st of each month to:

808 Craft and Gift Fairs

2481 Aapi Place

Pearl City, HI 96782

$125.65 (bring your own 10x10 tent/weights) No parking in craft area-vendors must park in the customer lot.

$162.30 (17x17 tent/weights included and set up) Vendor may park one vehicle under their tent.

$141.36 (half space under the 17x17 tent) You will be with another vendor under the tent and you must park in customer parking.


All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.  Fair goes on rain or shine.

Any changes require a $20 change fee paid in advance.

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  • Vendor Info

    -All sales final and fair goes on rain or shine. There are no refunds or exchanges.

    -Any approved change of space or date changes will incur a $20 fee.

    -Vendors must unload and move their vehicles to designated parking (Email with info will be sent).

    -Any vehicle associated with your booth (helpers, workers, friends, relatives) must abide by all rules (including parking on the street.)

    *Vendor is responsible for their own licenses, insurance and taxes.*

    -Vendors are sent a confirmation email with their space assignments, set up instructions and map.

    Vendor agrees to hold harmless any and all claims, including but not limited to products, liability, workmanship or damages.

    Vendor agrees to dispose of their boxes, large trash and other items associated with running their business off site. Do not leave trash or debris on site.