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    808 Craft and Gift Fairs Hawaii

    November 2 and December 7th, 2024 Booths

    Date & Time
    Sat, Nov 2nd, 2024  
    Sat,  Dec 7th , 2024
    8:30 AM - 2:30 PM HST set up from 6 am
    Kaimuki High School Craft and Gift Fair

    2705 Kaimuki Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816

      Our largest craft fair with 200+ vendors, thousands of customers and tons of free parking.

    Non Profits, clubs, sports and school fundraising available.  Please email for more information.




    . *ALL necessary licenses and permits required for the operation of any vendor’s display must be secured by vendor. Vendor agrees to fulfill all state and federal requirements, if any, in connection with sales.

     Food sellers must submit certificate and insurance naming the following as additionally insured:

    808 Craft and Gift Fairs, LLC

    Lauren Mori

    Kaimuki High School

    Hawaii Department of Education


    *Vendors will assume full liability and responsibility regarding warranty and guarantee of products being sold. 

    *We are NOT responsible for any vendor’s losses, resulting from damage, theft or shoplifting.

    *Vendors MUST provide their tables, chairs, table cloths and any other equipment used 

    by vendor.    Vendor MUST stay within their purchased space only.

    *Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their area before leaving the facility, including 

    throwing out trash, etc. Failing to do so could result in non participation in future fairs. 

    *Cancellation policy: No refunds or exchanges, all sales final.  Vendors may purchase, at their own expense, insurance to cover booth fees if an emergency arises. Fair goes on rain or shine and will not be cancelled.  

    *All returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 fee and possible disqualification from attending 

    future fairs. 

    *Parking: covered lanai vendors will park on the back side of the building across from your booth.   

    *Mail application & payment to: 

    Lauren Mori 

    2481 Aapi Place

    Pearl City, HI 96782

     Vendors are responsible for items being sold. I will also follow the rules of craft fair grounds and coordinators. I will release and hold harmless 808 Craft and Gift Fairs, Kaimuki High  School, agents, employees and volunteers.

    You agree to these terms when you submit payment. 

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